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Research finding

Huaqi Electric Team

From August 25th to 28th, the first Chinese college student Shell Car Environmental Marathon Challenge was held in Beijing. A total of 24 college teams across the country participated. Our school's Huaqi Electric Team was led by Teacher Ruan Anzheng to participate in the competition, and achieved a score of 622.55km/kwh, breaking the 600 mark for the first time, ranking first

in the prototype battery pack!

Since 2017, the Huaqi Electric Team has participated in six domestic and international competitions and won first place each time. From 474km/kwh, 511km/kwh to 622.55km/kwh, the performance continues to improve and leap forward. 622.55km/kwh ranked third in the world in 2018 and sixth in the world in 2019.

The Asian Shell Automotive Environmental Marathon is an energy-saving event sponsored by Shell. Each year, competitions are held in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Students in science, technology, engineering and other disciplines are invited to use their own design and manufacture cars for competition. The “Shell Automotive Environmental Marathon” Challenge for Chinese University Students is supported by the Mechanical Education Commission of the Ministry of Education and hosted by Shell China Group. It is a challenging practice opportunity and exchange platform, aiming to “run the longest distance with the least energy .


The vehicles of our school's Huaqi Electric Team started to design in 2017. After two years of Shell Environmental Marathon, we have strengthened optimization on this basis. From April 27th to May 2nd, 2019, after winning the first place in the Shell Automotive Environmental Marathon (Asia) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the members of the Huaqi Electric Team summarized their experience under the leadership of instructor Deng Daqiang, and continued to improve. After a long period of trial and testing, the performance of the whole vehicle has been improved and the energy-saving effect has been improved.


After arriving in Beijing on August 25, the team members adjusted for a short time, quickly adapted to the environment and began to prepare for battle. The team members carefully inspected the stability of the frame, steering system, electrical system, transmission system, and body. In the first day of the race, the team did not run out of results due to electrical system problems. After more stringent inspections by the team members, the team regrouped and ran an impressive score of 603km/kwh, setting a new Asian record, and then increased the score to 622.55km/kwh, ranking first in the group.


Huaguang Robot Wild Wolf Team

On August 27, the RoboMaster 2020 competition and individual competition online review results were announced.

Our school's Huaguang Robot Wild Wolf Team won the national second prize in the online review of the RoboMaster Robotics Competition 2020. At the same time, he also won good results in individual competitions, including arms awards: first prize for engineering robots, second prize for hero robots, third prize for infantry robots; category awards: second prize for embedded group, second prize for operation direction, machinery Category Third Prize.


Over the past year, the members of the Wild Wolves have worked hard to prepare for the game. After completing their studies, they are also struggling to race against time, devoting their time to the design and development of the robot against the clock. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the robotic wild wolf team still actively carried out RoboMaster robot design, processing, and debugging in various ways. Affected by the new crown epidemic, RoboMaster 2020 season has set up an online review for all competitions. The competition is held in the cloud, but it has not affected the enthusiasm of the players to participate. Instructor Teacher Deng Daqiang from the School of Robotics and Engineering encouraged the Wild Wolves to actively participate. The Wild Wolves displayed the research and development results, including physical objects, simulations, 3D models and codes, and recorded defense videos for explanation.

In addition, they wrote project management methods, publicized investment summary, etc. Submit relevant report materials and defense videos according to the competition requirements of the organizing committee and online competition rules. On August 13th, the main players in the competition demonstrated their hard work in the past year through their defenses, and finally achieved good results.