[ME·Volunteer] Big hands hold small hands, we walk on campus
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[ME·Volunteer] Big hands hold small hands, we walk on campus

We always listen to the adults saying that the university campus is beautiful, and we have never seen it before. Looking at a travel book, what we look forward to most is to see beautiful real-life photos. Only the real things can touch oneself more.


On March 30, 2019, the children of Regal Villa Elementary School welcomed the summer breeze with excitement and came to the Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology with a heart of expectation. Walking on the campus, the children were amazed. Everything I saw, the university turned out to be so charming.


First of all, we divided the children into four teams, the Little Giraffe, the Little Lions, the Little Tigers, and the Little Rabbits. Through the introduction of the campus and the browsing of the promotional videos, the children learned that Huaguang is not only beautiful in appearance, but also inwardly beautiful. It is pleasing to the eye. Our school not only has fruitful academic achievements, but also has many talented and diverse club activities, and student life is fulfilling.


A team of children, accompanied by their brothers and sisters, swarmed into the exhibition hall of the Engineering Research Institute, visited and experienced VR technology and experienced virtual reality. This opened their eyes and felt the beauty of technology. The children showed great enthusiasm and curiosity. Everyone was immersed in the joy of experience and was reluctant to leave.


Then led by teacher Wang Lei, went to the car showroom. The sloping staircase lies there, silently counting the four seasons of the year. How many footprints there are in a year, flying up and down in the day and night, intersect, today also left the footprints of the children. The children visited the car model in the car exhibition hall in an orderly manner and watched the

process of Guangzhou high-speed rail driving. Finally, the children came to the Virtual Instrument Association and experienced the claw grasping machine made by the brothers. They saw their favorite in the robot wolf team. Robot.


After a short meal and rest, everyone went to the football field to enjoy the performance. The big string was noisy like rain, and the small string was like a whisper. The first performance was the classical dance performance of the Hanfu Society. The beauty of the southern country, the light green waist dance. Then the little brother of the Magic Association said, As all the children see, the next moment is to witness the miracle. Weave a wonderful dream for everyone. The model airplanes of the Aeromodelling Association are flying in the air like a big Peng spreading their wings. The audience screamed!


Time will go but the group photo remains the same, and the grass is full of youth and hormones. Both children and teachers hope to carry out more such activities in the future. On the one hand, it broadens the children's horizons and enhances the sense of teamwork. On the other hand, campus activities show the practical, innovative and positive youthful outlook of contemporary college students.