Sport Department
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Sport Department

Focusing on the theme of enhancing students' physical quality and enriching their cultural life after school, the Ministry of sports organizes various recreational and competitive sports competitions and holds sports lectures to enhance students' physique, popularize sports knowledge, improve students' enthusiasm for actively participating in sports and cultivate their sports consciousness.


The main functions of the sports department are as follows:


1. Be responsible for the planning and implementation of students' extracurricular sports activities, and carry out various sports competitions with the assistance of various sports associations to enhance students' physical quality;

2. To assist the student union to organize college level sports activities;

3. Understand the students' opinions and requirements on various sports activities and sports work of the college, and actively reflect to the relevant departments of the college, constantly improve sports facilities, and promote the development of college sports activities

4. Establish close contact with the relevant departments of the College (physical education teaching and research section, etc.), actively create conditions and organize students to carry out colorful mass sports competitions;

5. Use various forms and ways to publicize the importance of sports work, strengthen students' sports concept, and mobilize students to actively participate in physical exercise;

6. Assist the Youth League Committee and other departments of the student union to carry out the work and jointly complete the tasks of the student union.