MC Team ​
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MC Team

The emcee team is subordinate to the Propaganda Department of the Youth League Committee of the College of Mechanical Engineering & Robotics engineering college. In order to make the activities orderly and contribute their own voice and image. Provide host, welcome reception and awarding personnel for the activities held by various departments of the college. Cooperating with the on-site staff,guiding the activity process smoothly, driving the scene atmosphere and maintaining the scene order are the bearings for the smooth completion of the activity.


Besides cultivating excellent hosting ability and etiquette style, the ritual team also pays attention to the training of team members in language expression, image and manners, such as speech, recitation, manners, diplomacy and late night radio broadcasting. Whether it is oral written expression or body language transmission, it can be better displayed in the large and small activities of the League through the etiquette training It can provide a broad stage for students who love hosting and etiquette but lack training and exhibition opportunities.


                    (Daily training)                   (Host the event)