Organization Department
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Organization Department


The organization department is a Youth League Committee Department whose core is to strengthen the ideological construction of the Communist Youth League members. Its main work is to learn and publicize the socialist core values, four in four faith and other ideological education work, assist the normal development of Youth League Day activities, hold new students' quality development activities, assist League branch secretaries in the internal construction of the Youth League branch, and assist other Youth League departments The daily work and activities were carried out normally. Mainly responsible for Lei Feng month, May Fourth Youth month and other activities.


The main tasks are as follows:

1. Responsible for the ideological education of the Communist Youth League members of the whole college, the

training and assessment functions of League cadres at all levels; the activities held include the Youth League branch

meeting, Youth League school training, etc.


2. Be responsible for the construction of grassroots organizations and League affairs of the Youth League; for example, sorting out League membership, developing League members, reissuing and issuing League membership certificates, etc.


3. To be responsible for the evaluation of outstanding members of the Communist Youth League and outstanding cadres of the Communist Youth League.


4. Organize and supervise the Youth League branch to carry out League Day activities on time.


(Experimental activities)