Robot Engineering
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Robot Engineering

Robot engineering is a newly added undergraduate major of the Ministry of education in 2016, which belongs to the special specialty of automation. Robot engineering is a new specialty established to meet the needs of national construction and international development trend.


Robot engineering is an interdisciplinary and technology that combines perception, decision-making calculation and executive drive in real-world environment. Robot technology is the ideal carrier of artificial intelligence. The major of robot engineering is to study the robot science and technology problems involved in control science and engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and technology, cognitive science and other disciplines, and comprehensively apply the theories, methods and technologies of natural science, engineering technology, social science, humanities and other related disciplines to study the intelligent perception, optimal control and system design of robots Human computer interaction and other issues of interdisciplinary frontier disciplines.


The major of robot engineering in our university takes the robot system development, machine vision, artificial intelligence application development, industrial robot system integration and application development as the main direction, cultivates a high sense of social responsibility and good scientific and humanistic quality, has interdisciplinary theories and technologies such as mathematics, automation, machinery, computer, artificial intelligence, etc., and is engaged in robot and artificial intelligence High quality engineering and technical personnel who are good at learning and dare to face the challenges in the future.



The main professional courses include advanced mathematics, linear algebra, complex function, special function, ordinary differential equation, partial differential equation, probability theory and mathematical statistics, theoretical mechanics, control theory, electronic technology, programming, digital signal processing, robot dynamics, sensing technology, motor control, industrial robot technology, navigation and positioning control and application, machine vision, communication Information technology, machine learning, Knowledge Computing, and robot system development practice throughout the four years of University.



The employment direction of robot engineering major is mainly engaged in robot design and research units, manufacturing enterprises and integrated application companies, engaged in robot workstation design, assembly and adjustment and transformation, design, application and operation management of robot automation production line.