Industrial Design:
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Industrial Design

The major of industrial design takes industrial products as the main object, and sets two directions of intelligent product design and design planning.


It is a comprehensive discipline that integrates and optimizes the function, structure, modeling and packaging of products by comprehensively utilizing the cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and the knowledge of society, economy, culture and aesthetics.


This major and the Department of life product design of Shude University of science and technology of Taiwan jointly cultivate professional talents, pay attention to the penetration and integration of science and technology and culture and art, and combine diversified courses such as professional education, practical education, personal development plan, academic competition of science and technology inside and outside the University, innovation and entrepreneurship courses.



To cultivate applied, compound, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals in the field of intelligent product design and design planning based on Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.


The main learning contents of intelligent product design are product development and design, ergonomics, mechanical basis of industrial design, rapid prototyping of product modeling, product structure design, engineering mechanics, electrical foundation, electrical product design, product design methodology, and product semantics.


The main learning contents of the course are corporate image design, advertising planning and creativity, layout design, UI design, design management, marketing, design psychology and packaging design.


After graduation, students in the direction of intelligent product design will have many jobs, such as product modeling design, product development design, product structure design, art design, etc.

Students majoring in design and planning can work for the following positions, such as UI design, visual communication design, art editing, advertising planning and creative design, packaging design, corporate image design, art design, etc.