Mechanical Engineering (innovation class)
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Mechanical Engineering (innovation class)

Mechanical engineering has an innovation class, which enrolls about 50 students with excellent ideological and moral character, high comprehensive quality, learning potential, innovative spirit and competitive consciousness every year. As a pilot of curriculum system reform and training mechanism innovation, innovation class training mode focuses on cultivating students' practical ability and innovation ability. Small class teaching is adopted. The training mode of interaction between teaching and research, interaction in class and after class, and integration of learning with research are implemented.


The main learning contents of the course include analog electronic technology and digital electronic technology, mechanical principle, mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing technology foundation, automatic control theory, detection technology and signal processing, mechatronics production system design, microcomputer principle and interface technology, C language, robot technology, numerical control technology, embedded system design, etc.


Graduates can be engaged in mechanical and electrical equipment design and manufacturing, automation application technology research and technology development, operation management, marketing and technical services in various mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises, teaching and research institutes, high-tech companies, trading companies, government departments and other industries.