Mechanical Engineering
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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a characteristic specialty of Guangzhou College of South China University of technology. It is the first major in our university to pass IEET international engineering education certification.Mechanical manufacturing and automation, a secondary discipline of mechanical engineering, is one of the key cultivation disciplines of Guangdong Provincial Education Department, and is also one of the three majors with master's joint training qualification.


Mechanical Engineering (former mechanical engineering and Automation) specialty is based in Guangdong Province, focusing on the strategy of accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry proposed in the outline of the reform and development plan of the Pearl River Delta region. Its professional fields cover intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation, robot engineering, human intelligence, smart City, precision molding, intelligent equipment, 3D printing, machine vision, intelligent inspection Advanced manufacturing fields, such as measurement and control, new energy vehicles, are aimed at effectively serving regional industrialization, urbanization, national and regional economic construction and social needs, and cultivating high-quality applied mechanical engineering professionals.



This major is the provincial characteristic specialty construction point in 2016, and the secondary discipline of

mechanical manufacturing and automation is the provincial key discipline construction point.

The main contents of the course are engineering drawing, engineering mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, mechanical engineering materials, mechanical principle, mechanical design, interchangeability and technical measurement, microcomputer principle and application, testing technology, material forming technology, mechanical manufacturing technology, PLC principle and application, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission technology, electromechanical transmission control and numerical control technology Plastic forming principle, CAD / CAM software and its application.


After graduation, students can go to machinery, automobile, transportation, electronics, light industry and other industries or relevant science and technology, education and government management departments to engage in design and manufacturing, scientific and technological development, application research, enterprise management and business activities in mechanical engineering related fields.